Quantity, UnitPrice, DiscountPercent and VatPercent for each order row is expected to be given in minor currency.

var Cart = {
    Items: [{                   // In this example we create
        Quantity: 100,          // one item
        Name: "Computer",       // called “Computer”
        UnitPrice: 500000,      // with a price of 5000 SEK,
        DiscountPercent: 1000,  // a discount of 10%
        VatPercent: 2500        // and 25% VAT


Testing https://checkoutapistage.svea.com
Production https://checkoutapi.svea.com

URI Format

All URI:s are written in the specific form:



Get order by id 1:

GET https://checkoutapi.svea.com/api/orders/1

All amounts are written in their minor currency.

Example: 15.25 SEK will be written as 1525, 120 SEK will be written as 12000 etc.

All URIs are specified with each documented call below. All data sent to the system should be correctly UTF-8 encoded.

When should you send the order to your customer?

The order is ready to be sent to the customer when the CheckoutOrderStatus is Final.


The payload is always in JSON format.

IFrame sample

@model dynamic