Name Description Type Additional Information
MerchantSettings Specific merchant URIs MerchantSettings Required.
Cart Order rows. Cart None.
Customer Identified customer of the order. Customer None.
ShippingAddress Shipping address of identified customer. Address None.
BillingAddress Billing address of identified customer. Address None.
Gui Gui None.
Locale The current locale of the checkout, etc. String Required.
Currency The current currency as defined by ISO 4217, i.e. SEK, NOK etc. String Required.
CountryCode Defined by two-letter ISO 3166-1 alpha-2, i.e. SE, DE, FI etc. String None.
PresetValues A list containing the preset values, if any. Collection of PresetValue None.
ClientOrderNumber A string that identifies the order in the merchant’s systems. String Required. Max length: 32. Min length: 1.
OrderId Int64 None.
EmailAddress String None.
PhoneNumber The customer’s phone number String None.
PaymentType The final payment method for the order. Will only have a value when the order is finalized, otherwise null.
  • Or one of the following direct bank types. (For the most recent list of available banks check the Payment Gateway documentation.)
    • BANKAXESS (BankAxess, Norway)
    • DBAKTIAFI (Aktia, Finland)
    • DBALANDSBANKENFI (Ålandsbanken, Finland)
    • DBDANSKEBANKSE (Danske bank, Sweden)
    • DBNORDEAFI (Nordea, Finland)
    • DBNORDEASE (Nordea, Sweden)
    • DBPOHJOLAFI (OP-Pohjola, Finland)
    • DBSAMPOFI (Sampo, Finland)
    • DBSEBSE (SEB, Individuals, Sweden)
    • DBSEBFTGSE (SEB, companies, Sweden)
    • DBSHBSE (Handelsbanken, Sweden)
    • DBSPANKKIFI (S-Pankki, Finland)
    • DBSWEDBANKSE (Swedbank, Sweden)
    • DBTAPIOLAFI (Tapiola, Finland)
String None.
Status The current state of the order CheckoutOrderStatus None.
CustomerReference B2B Customer reference String None.
SveaWillBuyOrder True = Svea will buy this invoice. False = Svea will not buy this invoice. null = Selected payment method is not Invoice. Boolean None.
IdentityFlags IdentityFlags None.
MerchantData Metadata visible to the store String Optional. Cleaned up from Checkout database after 45 days.