Quantity, UnitPrice, DiscountPercent and VatPercent for each order row is expected to be given in minor currency.

var Cart = {
    Items: [{                   // In this example we create
        Quantity: 100,          // one item
        Name: "Computer",       // called “Computer”
        UnitPrice: 500000,      // with a price of 5000 SEK,
        DiscountPercent: 1000,  // a discount of 10%
        VatPercent: 2500        // and 25% VAT
Name Description Type Additional Information
ArticleNumber Articlenumber as a string, can contain letters and numbers. String Max length: 256. Min length: 0.
Name Article name. String Max length: 40. Min length: 0.
Quantity Quantity of the product. 1-9 digits. Int64 Required. Minor Currency.
UnitPrice Price of the product including VAT. 1-13 digits, can be negative. Int64 Required. Minor Currency.
DiscountPercent The discountpercent of the product. Examples: 0-9900. No fractions.0 = 0%100 = 1%1000 = 10%9900 = 99% Int64 Minor Currency.
VatPercent The VAT percentage of the current product. Valid vat percentage for that country. Int64 Minor Currency.
Unit The unit type, e.g., “st”, “pc”, “kg” etc. String Max length: 4. Min length: 0.
TemporaryReference Can be used when creating or updating an order. The returned rows will have their corresponding temporaryreference as they were given in the indata. It will not be stored and will not be returned in GetOrder. String None.
RowNumber The row number the row will have in the Webpay system Int32 None.
MerchantData Metadata visible to the store String Max length: 255. Optional. Cleaned up from Checkout database after 45 days.